Disc. seeks to articulate and explore architecture’s entangled relationship with the technical, centering its inquiry around the disciplines of media studies and the history of science and technology and bringing them to bear on a renewed architectural imagination. Disc.’s position builds from an observation of the discipline’s fundamental mediation: architects don’t make buildings, they make media.

Disc. revels in by its name: As shorthand for discussion/discourse), association with technical forms of information storage (analog phonograph discs, digital disc, floppy disc?), as well as the cosmic (solar disc as the seemingly flat figure of a celestial body). Multiple interpretations and associations ts multi-valent format thinness, roundness?/radiality, precise, centrality, medium of exchange.

disk is produced by students and alumni of the harvard graduate school of design.

disk is editorially independent from the harvard graduate school of design.


ian erickson

mindy seu


jon may